Which Strategies Help Cut Consumption of Sugary Beverages in Young Children?

An Obesity Reviews analysis of published studies reveals strategies that can successfully reduce the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages in young children. Successful strategies included in-person individual education, in-person group education, passive education (e.g., pamphlets), use of technology, training for childcare/healthcare providers, and changes to the physical access of beverages. The analysis included 27 studies that were conducted exclusively among children aged 0 ...

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How to sleep: Five ways to sleep in hot weather

Sleep is a requirement for everyone to live a long and active life. The nightly requirement varies person to person, but the NHS recommended at least six to eight hours a night to stay healthy. It can sometimes be hard to sleep due to hot weather, and tonight is not expected to be an exception. The Met Office said online ...

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Photo Series Captures The Loneliness Of Living In New York City

An evocative photo series is highlighting the feeling of loneliness in big city dwellers. “Loneliness” by Luc Kordas includes candid photos of individuals out and about in New York City. Kordas told HuffPost this project came to be after a fellow street photographer reviewing his portfolio pointed out that his work features “a lot of lonely looking people” and suggested it could ...

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