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'Get a room' Models' cringeworthy bikini ad compared to X-rated movie – can you see why?

In the short video, two models stroll hand in hand to promote California beachwear brand Ayra Swim. The beach babes show off their toned bodies as they slowly stroll together in matching black bikinis. They caress each other’s backs before smiling at each other and practically moving in slow-motion. But the clip has gained a lot of attention online from ...

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Kim Kardashian Gets Wet and Shredded for Fashion Week

Kim KardashianWet & Shredded 9/8/2017 7:07 AM PDT Kim Kardashian is going to pieces … and we should all stand up and applaud. Clearly bringing her “A” game to Fashion Week, Kim strutted out of her NYC hotel Thursday night baring her midriff, legs and a healthy amount of cleavage … all courtesy o… TMZ Celebrity News for Fashion

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