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Drake’s Latest Tattoo Is A Massive Tribute To Lil Wayne

Drake’s baffling collection of tattoos just got a little more baffling. After inking Aaliyah and Sade’s faces on his body, the 6 God has continued his streak of tribute tats with a tricep portrait of Lil Wayne. Behold: Here’s a closer look, because this kind of ink demands a magnified view: Wayne’s influence on Drake’s life and career is undeniable. ...

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The Deeper Problem With Trump’s Bizarre Speech To The Boy Scouts

Every four years, thousands of members of the Boy Scouts of America gather at a National Jamboree to celebrate their participation in one of the country’s largest youth organizations. American presidents have spoken at the jamboree for 80 years, and yesterday, Donald Trump was no exception. Yet while every previous president, from Roosevelt to Truman to Bush, honored the organization’s ...

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