Daily Archives: June 1, 2018

Kanye West’s New Album Sounds Like a Cry for Help

Hours before he gathered the most famous people in music to a ranch in Wyoming to listen to his new album, Kanye West’s wife Kim Kardashian met with President Donald Trump. That sentence in itself would have seemed like something out of a dystopian nightmare back in 2010, when West released My Dark Twisted Beautiful Fantasy. At that time… Entertainment ...

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YouTube Is No. 1 Internet Platform Among U.S. Teens, While Facebook Usage Has Plummeted: Study

Google’s YouTube takes the crown as the most widely used internet platform by American teens today — while Facebook’s popularity in the demo has slumped dramatically in the last three years. That’s according to a new report on U.S. teenagers’ social-media use from the Pew Research Center, based on surveys conducted in the spring of 2018. Among the st… Variety

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Review: Father John Misty's 'God's Favorite Customer' Is a Lennon-esque Pleasure

In its piano-ballad gait, baroque-pop raptures and confessional sting, Josh Tillman’s fourth album as the darkly antic Father John Misty often sounds like it was made more than 40 years earlier under yet another name: John Lennon. It’s as if Tillman wrote and arranged these songs under the sumptuous, despairing spell of Lennon’s early-Seventies solo records, with time off for ...

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