Monthly Archives: May 2018

New CD releases

It’s beautiful stuff, frankly. Big piano ballads once again dominate, Tillman’s rich and robust voice channelling early Elton John on the stunning Just Dumb Enough To Try. But there’s room for humour, too, the singer reflecting on a hotel stay straight out of Patrick Melrose on the witty Mr Tillman and pondering what his partner might sing about him on ...

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An Apple Shows Just How Broken Our Food System Is

Buying and eating apples seems a pretty healthy thing to do. But a new study has found that every 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) of conventionally grown apples creates health effects costing 21 cents due to the effects of pesticides and fungicides, resulting in sick leave and eventually shorter life expectancies. The study, from the Dutch organization Soil & More Impacts, to be ...

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