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Celebrity traveller: Phil Spencer

Phil, 48, is married to Fiona and they live in Hampshire with their sons, Ben, 12, and Jake, 14. WHAT IS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE HOLIDAY? Last summer we had a two-week family holiday to Costa Rica. We went to Arenal, a volcano, enjoyed a day horseback riding, white water rafting and repelling, which is abseiling down waterfalls, which was exhilarating. ...

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Can Harvey Weinstein, the Poster Boy of #MeToo, Get a Fair Day in Court?

The Harvey Weinstein rape case will not be just another celebrity trial, but rather a focal point for a worldwide reckoning on sexual violence and workplace gender discrimination. Weinstein’s attorneys, led by star litigator Benjamin Brafman, will have their work cut out in finding jurors who can set that context aside and evaluate the case with fresh eyes. “I think ...

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The Baby-Sitters Club Is Getting A New TV Show

Details about the tone of the prospective new series are currently scarce beyond the fact that it will be modernized, which could mean that the show is opting out of a throwback feel in favor of being set in the present day. Let’s face it: that would not be a bad decision given the unfortunate fashion flashbacks a version set ...

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