Daily Archives: April 29, 2018

Only True Arrested Development Fans Will Find Tobias in Avengers: Infinity War

Before they were directing one of the biggest movie franchises in the universe, Anthony and Joe Russo directed 14 episodes of Arrested Development. Fox made a huge mistake by canceling the show after three seasons, but it’s gone on to become an influential cult comedy favorite—one that was revived by Netflix for a fourth (and Gob willing, a fifth) season. ...

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Carrie Underwood Posts Close-Up Video of Her Face While Joking Around With Her Husband

Carrie Underwood is growing more and more confident by the day.  The “Cry Pretty” singer shared a close-up video of her face to her Instagram Story on Saturday as she joked about her husband, Mike Fisher’s, “annoying” habit in the car. Underwood, who broke her wrist and had to get 40 to 50 stitches on her face after falling at her Nashville, ...

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David Hockney, a portrait of the portrait artist at 80: 'I'm still curious'

When David Hockney called to ask about painting his portrait, the architect Frank Gehry was immediately intrigued. Hockney said it would be fine to bring Gehry’s artist son Alejandro to watch, and once they arrived at the studio, both Gehrys paid close attention to Hockney as he painted. “He was concentrating and didn’t talk,” recalls Gehry. “So as I sat ...

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