Daily Archives: April 18, 2018

There Are So Many Good Boho Dresses Right Now

We can’t help but notice how many cool boho dresses there are for spring right now. We don’t just mean a casual oh, cute but dresses that are so good that they stopped us in our scrolling tracks. Bohemian style is not one we’ve always gravitated toward. Actually, we had written it off until we came acro… Celebrity Style and ...

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An emotionally charged topic — the 9/11 attacks — had Peter Sarsgaard concerned about 'Looming Tower'

“In an emotional event like this, everyone’s first reaction is just to lick their wounds,” Sarsgaard said when he visited the L.A. Times video studio this week. “It’s completely understandable. But it’s just like if you have a relative who died of a drug overdose, not everyone wants to t… ENTERTAINMENT – Los Angeles Times

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