Daily Archives: April 12, 2018

Why bananas are better than sports drinks

At the end of a race, you’ll often see runners reaching for bananas to replenish their tired bodies. Although weekend warriors might be more likely to reach for a sports drink, serious athletes know there are better alternatives. And a new study from Appalachian State University offers proof that bananas may be a better choice than sp… Sports & Fitness ...

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Send in the Clowns : The Comedy Store keeps the laughs coming as it celebrates its 20th birthday with some of the comedians who got their start there

“There are comics that she claims to have created,” said Mark Lonow, a co-owner of the Improv. “We could say that without the Improv in New York City, Robert Klein would never have become a comic. But if Robert Klein wanted to be a comic badly enough, he would have found a bar with a table to stand on. To ...

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Misfits Announce OBEY Clothing Collaboration

Misfits have announced a new capsule collection in collaboration with with Shepard Fairey’s OBEY streetwear line. Sanctioned box tees, hoodies, posters, and skateboard decks bearing the horror punk pioneers’ iconic skeletal mascot are set to be released tomorrow, April 13 (though items like shirts and

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