Daily Archives: April 11, 2018

Thanks Dylan

Let us be brutally honest! Or at least stay close with the truth! The people of this country have extremely short memories, we forget easily and jump on bandwagons quickly. However, the reality is that most if not all of our athletes at the Commonwealth Games have been poorly treated in terms of funding and financial support from both corporate ...

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'Beirut' Review: Jon Hamm Adds Class, Movie-Star Charisma to Spy Thriller

Espionage thrillers have it rough these days, what with contemporary headlines beating anything Hollywood can cook up. Still, Beirut has an undeniable retro appeal: It’s 1982 in Lebanon, the eve of Israel’s invasion. A hostage situation is pulling Mason Skiles (Jon Hamm), a former U.S. diplomat in Beirut, back into a spycraft shits… Rolling Stone Latest Movie Review News

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AIX: New innovations shine at the Crystal Cabin awards

Now in its 12th year, the Crystal Cabin Awards proved as big an attraction as ever as the industry’s “Oscars” set a new record of 91 entries. Once again, the ballroom of the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski provided the backdrop for a sparkling ceremony to celebrate the latest ideas designed to improve the passenger experience. For the first time, an award ...

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