Daily Archives: April 8, 2018

Basement Jaxx Get Everything They Need From PMC’s Result6 Monitors

Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Buxton, collectively known as Basement Jaxx, have invested in PMC’s new result6 compact nearfield reference monitors for their private studios in London. “Our result6 speakers tell us everything we need to know to make great music,” Simon Ratcliffe says. After starting out as underground producers and party promoters in 1995, Ratcliffe and Buxton have gone on ...

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And Now, How to Wear a Belt With Everything You Own

Let’s face it, belts are pretty underappreciated when it comes to accessories. They usually come second to pretty much every other accessory in our closets. But today we’re proving just how much of an impact a belt can make in your overall look. Whether it’s a classic leather one to tie the whole look together or a trend-… Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend ...

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