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Music Feeds Faves – 06/04/18

FeaturesWritten by Music Feeds on April 6, 2018 Chomp down on some spicy ear food courtesy of this month’s instalment of Music Feeds Faves. Tasty, nutritious and high in protein, this fresh musical produce has been lovingly hand-picked by the t… Music Feeds

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Jamie Oliver: Learning about nutrition has made me spiritual

The celebrity chef, food writer and restaurateur also said he will spend the next 12 years campaigning to improve the nation’s health in order to fight Britain’s childhood obesity crisis. Oliver has taken the number one spot on a new list by well-being magazine Balance, which celebrates 100 “inspiring” people deemed to “make the world a better, brighter and more ...

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News: HNA Group to sell stake in Hilton

HNA Group has revealed it plans to sell some or all of its stake in hotel giant Hilton. The stake, valued at just over $ 6 billion, will provide cash for the heavily indebted conglomerate as it seeks to battle a lack of liquidity. The sale was announced through a regulatory filing with the US securities and exchange commission.

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