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Daily Archives: March 11, 2018

11 Trends Fashion Girls Refuse to Wear Anymore

Like plants, animals, stars, and even the leftovers in your fridge, trends have a life cycle. They burst onto the scene and climb their way up the popularity bell curve, only to eventually peak and fade away as the new must-have comes around. Try as we might to hold on tight to certain favorites (there’s a reason skinny jeans have ...

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Survey proves clear link between physical activity and wellbeing

Life satisfaction, happiness and feelings of being worthwhile are higher for people who are active, while levels of anxiety are lower. People who are more active score better Those who volunteer in sport also score highly The best scores are achieved by those who are active and volunteer A study by Sheffield Hallam University has found there is a clear link between ...

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Statin takers could cut heart attack risk by taking new fortnightly jab

For decades high-risk patients have relied on statins but trials show those injecting alirocumab while still taking their tablets had fewer major adverse cardiovascular events than those on statins alone. The new NHS therapy is given to those whose cholesterol remains dangerously high despite taking the maximum dose of statins, or who cannot tolerate the drugs. The treatment is a ...

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Potential new therapy relieves chronic itch

The roots of chronic itching have long remained a mystery. Meanwhile, those with the condition suffer from an unrelenting and sometimes debilitating urge to scratch. Now, new research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has identified immune signaling molecules that are essential for activating neurons in the skin to cause chronic itching. In a small study, the ...

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