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Daily Archives: January 12, 2018

Shazam Has Finally Set Its Release Date

Ever since Man of Steel launched the DCEU in 2013, the movies in this franchise have mostly been summer releases, with Justice League being the sole exception thus far with its November premiere. However, to the next immediate DCEU movies, both Shazam and Aquaman are helping build a presence for this franchise outside of the summer sea… CinemaBlend Latest Content

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Lindsay Lohan Says She's 'Had Enough' With Dating on 'Wendy Williams Show'

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Lindsay Lohan is back — for a short time only.  The 31-year-old actress returned to the United States for an interview on The Wendy Williams Show on Friday, where she opened up about her past partying ways, her family finally getting along and what projects she has lined up for the future.  “I don’t know whether to ...

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Starz Chief Chris Albrecht Talks Altice Standoff, Future of ‘American Gods’ and ‘Outlander’

The industry is abuzz about the migration of traditional TV channels to direct-to-consumer streaming options. But Starz’s carriage standoff with Altice USA demonstrates the limits at present of a standalone streaming option as an alternative to old-fashioned MVPD distribution. The 17 Starz-Encore channels went dark on Altice USA systems as of Jan. 1 as the two sides failed to come ...

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Britney Spears Is 'Serous' About Boyfriend Sam Asghari, Source Says He's 'Really Good' With Her Sons

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Britney Spears seems to have found the real deal! A source tells ET that things are pretty serious between the pop princess and her boyfriend, Sam Asghari. “[Britney] is really happy and I wouldn’t be surprised if they got engaged,” the source says. Spears recently sparked engagement rumors when she was seen wearing a big ring during her ...

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