Monthly Archives: December 2017

New study suggests health benefits of swapping animal proteins for plant proteins

Substituting one to two servings of animal proteins with plant proteins every day could lead to a small reduction in the three main cholesterol markers for cardiovascular disease prevention, a new study suggests. The health benefits could be even greater if people combined plant proteins with other cholesterol-lowering foods such as viscous, water soluble fibres from oats, barley and psyllium, ...

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'Molly's Game' Review: Jessica Chastain Turns Poker Biopic Into Royal Flush

In his feature directing debut, Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network) gives a sharp visual context to the torrent of words his characters use to express themselves. Defining themselves is a trickier business, requiring actors who can fill the space between words – so it’s lucky Molly’s Game has Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba around. Some critics dismiss Sorkin ...

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