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Daily Archives: November 15, 2017

You're The Worst Is Ending, But It's Not All Bad News

You’re the Worst has garnered a lot of critical acclaim in its previous seasons, and the soon-to-end Season 4 hasn’t seen that prestige droop at all. But even though the emotionally dark comedy’s fanbase is dedicated and vocal, it’s not exactly the biggest fanbase out there. The viewership for You’re the Worst wasn’t so massive when it first premiered on ...

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New research shows: Organic farming can make an important contribution to world nutrition

A global conversion to organic farming can contribute to a profoundly sustainable food system, provided that it is combined with further measures, specifically with a one-third reduction of animal-based products in the human diet, less concentrated feed and less food waste. At the same time, this type of food system has extremely positive ecological effects, i.e. considerable reduction of fertilizers ...

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