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Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Pioneer of the 'Female Gaze'

LONDON, United Kingdom — Lying in a bed of crispy autumnal leaves, legs flung over her bicycle and hat thrown to the side, model Liz Gibbons soaks in the great outdoors and takes a picture with her camera. She’s wearing shorts, flat shoes and a button-down dress that is open from the waist down. The picture was taken in 1938 by Louise Dahl-Wolfe and it couldn’t be further away from the staged froideur of early 20th century fashion photography. Gibbons is portrayed as an independent, adventurous woman, taking the world in with comfort, style and ease.

It’s a quintessential Louise Dahl-Wolfe photograph. And although many may not recognise the American photogra…
The Business of Fashion

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