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Daily Archives: October 26, 2017

Frank Ocean to Present Rick Rubin With Spotify’s “Legendary Genius Award”

It’s not often that Frank Ocean shows up for public events, but he’s making an appearance for Spotify’s first-ever Secret Genius Awards. During the event, Ocean will present Rick Rubin the inaugural Legendary Genius Award. The show, which honors songwriters that contribute to some of the most streamed songs on Spotify, takes place on November 1 at the Vibiana Cathedral ...

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Miles Teller Won't Face Charges After Being Arrested for Public Intoxication

The Only the Brave star was arrested back in June on misdemeanor, drunk in public charges in San Diego, California, after being uncooperative with local police, ET confirmed at the time. At the time of his arrest, a spokesperson for the San Diego Police Department said Teller “was ‘swaying side to side, had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes.’ At one point, ...

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'Novitiate' Review: And Then There Were Nuns in Stirring, Soulful Convent Drama

Don’t mess with Melissa Leo. As Novitiate‘s Reverend Mother Marie St. Claire, the boss lady who calls the shots at the fictional Tennessee convent where this religious drama is based, the actress gives the kind of bravura performance that not only sparks Oscar talk but richly deserves it. She finds the tyrant in this woman of God without neglecting her ...

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Open heart surgeries in the AFTERNOON are more SUCCESSFUL, say experts

Experts have identified a link between the circadian clock – the internal body clock that controls when we sleep, eat and wake up – and damage after surgery. Following open heart surgery, some patients developed damage impacting on the organ’s ability to pump blood, resulting in heart failure and a heightened risk of death. Professor David Montaigne, of the University ...

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