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Daily Archives: October 16, 2017

Someone on Star Trek Said 'F**k' For the First Time in the Show's History

Star Trek: Discovery is often noted for its departure from the franchise norms. There are sexy Klingons, inner Starfleet drama, and war! But this Star Trek also has fucks—two of them, actually—the first in the franchise’s 51-year history. Anthony Rapp’s Lt. Paul Stamets and Mary Wiseman’s Cadet Tilly had the honor of saying the first-ever Star Trek “fucks” in a ...

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In saying #MeToo, Alyssa Milano pushes awareness campaign about sexual assault and harassment

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Oprah Winfrey Hosts Star-Studded 'Bruncheon,' Gives Advice on How to 'Stay Woke' (Exclusive)

“The biggest challenge is when you have 400 people and you have Art, who is the best fried chicken maker on the planet,” the talk show queen told ET’s Nancy O’Dell during an exclusive interview. “[He] has done it at Tiananmen Square, in Palestine, for Russians — he’s taken this fried chicken all over the world. Now it’s in my ...

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News: Airbus: Middle Eastern aviation fleet to double by 2036

The fleet size of operators in the Middle East is forecast to more than double from 1,250 to 3,320 aircraft over the next two decades, according to the Airbus Global Market Forecast. The Middle East will need some 2,590 new aircraft by 2036, for replacement of 520 older generation aircraft, and 2,070 aircraft for growth, 730 are expected to remain ...

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