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Daily Archives: October 15, 2017

Katy Perry Says Being Single is the Key to Balancing 'American Idol' and Her World Tour (Exclusive)

And though Bryan is happily married, he seems to have other motivations for finding the best talent on Idol — his playful feud with The Voice‘s Blake Shelton.  “I think [you should bet] a farm!” Perry suggested of what Bryan should gain from discovering the next country superstar. “Like a ranch!”  “Not the whole farm!” Richie interjected.  “Blake, I bet ...

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'Saturday Night Live' takes on the Weinstein scandal

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Alfonso Cuarón on the Lumière Fest, ‘The Shape of Water,’ His Upcoming Film, and Mexico Earthquake Fundraising

For Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón, the Lumière Film Festival in Lyon is not only an event that celebrates cinema but also a relaxing opportunity to catch up with old friends without the stress of the film industry’s business aspects. “It’s beloved by filmmakers because it’s a cinephile festival,” Cuarón told Variety. “It’s not competitive. It’s a festival that celebrates cinema. ...

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James Corden Apologizes for Harvey Weinstein Jokes at amfAR Gala: 'Sexual Assault Is No Laughing Matter'

The Weinstein scandal first erupted earlier this month, after The New York Times‘ initial article accusing him of sexually harassing women for three decades.  In a statement to ET, Weinstein’s lawyer, Charles J. Harder, called the New York Times report “saturated with false and defamatory statements.” He also sa… Full Text Feed

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James Corden On Harvey Weinstein amfAR Jokes: ‘I Am Truly Sorry For Anyone Offended”

James Corden has addressed concerns over the jokes he presented as emcee at amfAR’s annual benefit gala on Friday, apologizing for any offense he may have caused. The “Late Late Show” host wrote on Twitter, “To be clear, sexual assault is no laughing matter. I was not trying to make light of Harvey’s inexcusable behavior, but to shame him, the ...

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