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Daily Archives: October 14, 2017

Homeopathy is just a ‘trick of the mind’ according to latest study

Critics say the perceived benefits are a placebo. Homeopathy is said to work, including using herbal medicine, to help the body heal itself. But the Royal Veterinary College London reviewed major studies over three decades and concluded there were no robust studies which showed a benefit of homeopathy in animals. Professor Peter Lees, who led the study, said his research ...

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Blue Crush May Be Getting A TV Show

The original film released in 2002 and was written by Lizzy Weiss (Switched at Birth) and John Stockwell. It starred Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sanoe Lake as three best friends with a love of surfing. There’s no word on if any of these actors will cameo or have a role in the TV show, but that kind of stunt ...

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Like it or not: Broccoli may be good for the gut

By Matt Swayne UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — For the broccoli haters of the world, researchers may have more bad news: the vegetable may also help promote a healthy gut. In a study, when mice ate broccoli with their regular diet, they were better able to tolerate digestive issues similar to symptoms of leaky gut and colitis than mice that were not ...

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Fear Effect's RTS Game Will Get A Nintendo Switch Release

We haven’t had a new Fear Effect game in 16 years. Well, Sushee and the Square Enix Collective are changing that by bringing the game series back with Fear Effect Sedna. Originally the game was announced for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but the developers recently added the Nintendo Switch to the line-up of platforms that the game will launch ...

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