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Daily Archives: October 12, 2017

Armie Hammer Can Dance to ANYTHING

There are very few things to be joyful about in the world right now, and the idea of logging onto Twitter dot com usually fills me with a seemingly endless existential dread. AND YET, the website still manages to prove that there are good people in the world who harness their incredible talents (particularly film editing skills) into putting great ...

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Is sexual harassment Hollywood's dirty big secret?

Dana Brunetti has produced a number of big films over the years: “Captain Phillips,” “The Social Network,” “Fifty Shades of Grey.” But he’s never liked to tell people that he’s a movie producer. He knows the image it can instantly conjure in their heads. “I hate telling people I’m a producer because of the stereotype,” Brunetti said. “Because of the ...

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36 Tweets Of TRL Fans On Their Worst Behavior

Dolan Day completely dominated TRL on social media. The boys returned to Times Square the only way they know how–by crashing into the studio. Keke Palmer and Quincy Brown also stopped by to give us all the details about their latest projects and play some games with the fans. Needless to say that the show was extra good, which only ...

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India’s Film Certification Board Cuts ‘Sexy’ From ‘Durga’

India’s Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), popularly known as the censor board, has censored Sanal Kumar Sasidharan’s Malayalam-language film “Sexy Durga.” The film will now be called “S Durga” for Indian release and will have its Indian premiere under that title at the ongoing Mumbai Film Festival. Durga is the name of a Hindu goddess and also a popular ...

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