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Daily Archives: October 6, 2017

First 'Marvel's Runaways' trailer shows what happens when teenagers find out their parents are super villains

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8 Of The Most Touching Moments On Day 5 of TRL

We can’t believe that this week is officially over, but we closed TRL with another major moment. Today, we had so many celebrities pull up to the building—Fat Joe and La La Anthony made epic returns on the program while sharing their thoughts on the rebuilding of Puerto Rico. In addition to having Joan Smalls and Victor Cruz on the ...

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Brielle Biermann and Michael Kopech Want to Get Engaged — But One Thing Is Holding Them Back! (Exclusive)

To keep the spark alive, Brielle says Michael constantly pulls out all the stops with sweet gestures. Describing a particularly romantic date, Brielle gushes, “He had roses, and a book that each month that you open it, it had a month written on it and what happened that month with us, and a paragraph written about it. He made me ...

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