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Daily Archives: October 5, 2017

The Gambit Movie May Have Finally Found Its New Director

Introduced to the comics in 1990, Gambit, whose real name is Remy LeBeau, is able to channel convert the potential energy stored in an object and turn it into pure kinetic energy, causing them to explode. He primarily uses his mutant ability on playing cards, charging them with energy and then throwing them as projectiles. He also frequently charges his ...

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PRETTYMUCH’s New Single Is All About ‘Women Empowerment, 100 Percent’

PRETTYMUCH are very much establishing themselves as the hottest boy band around, and their debut single “Would You Mind” is all the proof you need. But there’s more where that came from — last week, the guys followed up with their catchy new tune “Teacher,” which, according to them, is all about “female energy.” Catching up with MTV News correspondent ...

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Levi’s Unveils Mega-Scale Trucker Jacket Collaborations to Boost Comeback

LOS ANGELES, United States — The word “Levi’s” is practically synonymous with denim jeans. But the 164-year-old American heritage brand is hoping to expand its dominance to other product categories. “We started saying, ‘How do we pivot from share of denim to share of closet?’” says James ‘JC’ Curleigh, Levi’s executive vice president and president of global brands. “And you ...

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Richard Thompson: My six best albums

Richard Thompson compilation Acoustic Rarities is out today and he tours from October 11. SQUEEZE: Cool For Cats (Virgin EMI) They weren’t a punk band but were one of the best bands of that era. Every song is a story with a tremendous sense of melody. With Squeeze, you didn’t have the grunginess of punk but you did have ...

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Jacob Tremblay Celebrates 11th Birthday With Hilarious 'Stranger Things'-Inspired Photo

Jacob Tremblay is one clever cutie! The Room star posted a photo on Instagram to celebrate his 11th birthday, with a Stranger Things-inspired twist. In the pic, his head is photoshopped onto a still of Millie Bobby Brown as her character, Eleven, complete with bloody nose. “Today I am #Eleven!!!” he declared in the caption. “Thanks for all the #birthday wishes!!! ??” Let’s… Full Text Feed

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'Brawl in Cell Block 99' Review: Vince Vaughn Gets Nasty in Brutal, Batshit Prison Flick

Say “Vince Vaughn,” and what’s the first image that comes up? His “you’re so money” suit-wearing Swingers alpha male? His heroic environmentalist-slash-shutterbug in the first Jurassic Park sequel? Maybe your go-to Vaughn is The Break-Up–era bloated version that graced tabloid covers and Jennifer Aniston’s beach pics, or the smarmy comic Casanova of Wedding Crashers? Forget those other Vinces. Whenever someone ...

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