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FX's 'American Horror Story: Cult' mixes a strange yet predictable brew of Manson creepiness, election mania

Oh, Charlie Manson, who could have imagined your shadow would be thrown so far, your creepy-crawly cultural presence last so long? You did, I suppose, though possibly it has not been quite in the way you figured.

Manson is the ruling spirit in “Cult,” the latest installment in the Ryan Murphy-Brad Falchuk FX franchise “American Horror Story,” premiering Tuesday. Putting “American” in your title can signify seriousness or satire, to promise a defining look at how we are as a nation – for good, but more likely more for ill. Or, as in “Wet Hot American Summer,” to mock the titling itself.

Indeed, it’s something of a tired strategy. (Murphy and Falchuk also use it for their “Ame…
ENTERTAINMENT – Los Angeles Times

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