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Daily Archives: September 2, 2017

Telluride: Gary Oldman Arrives as Instant Best Actor Frontrunner in ‘Darkest Hour’

For actor Gary Oldman, an Oscar nomination was elusive for many years. An Oscar win, however, could be around the corner. The chameleonic star had dazzled for decades in an endless string of films — “Sid and Nancy,” “State of Grace,” “True Romance,” “Leon: The Professional,” “The Contender,” “Hannibal,” etc. — until 2011, when his work was finally recognized by ...

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Focus: Caliber 3: Anti-Terror Training Camp as Israel’s Newest Tourist Spot

There is a lot of reasons travelers choose Israel as their next destination. It may be to strengthen their religion, learn the culture, visit the Dead Sea, enjoy the nightlife in Tel Aviv, or witness beautiful landscapes. Whatever your reason for checking the next Tel Aviv flights, you probably don’t want to miss the next big tourist attractions of the ...

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Two Bachelor In Paradise Stars Just Got Engaged

The whole situation was quite ugly, and nobody seemed entirely clear on what happened, although it was obvious that both contestants had been drinking quite a lot. Despite the possibility of legal action from Corinne Olympios, the matter was settled when an investigation determined that no wrongdoing had occurred, and

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Condé Nast, Hearst Adopt More Global Outlook

LONDON, United Kingdom — Today’s world is unmistakably and increasingly globalised. And yet leading fashion media publishers continue to launch national editions of magazines. Last year, Condé Nast launched Vogue Arabia, to be followed by a Polish edition of the title in 2018. Earlier this year, Hearst Magazines, too, launched digi… The Business of Fashion

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Venice Film Review: ‘Foxtrot’

“Lebanon” director Samuel Maoz went in a risky direction by making a film as different and daring as “Foxtrot,” and his boldness pays off in ways that make one reach for superlatives. Not content to merely confront the unspeakable grief of parents who lose a child, Maoz uses the film’s tripartite… Variety

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