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Daily Archives: September 2, 2017

Killjoys Is Ending On Syfy, But It's Not All Bad News

That said, the generous two season extension leading to a finale isn’t being announced as a cancellation of Killjoys, as the Season 3 finale and quotes from those involved seem to indicate the end of the series was in sight anyway. With Season 4 set to begin in 2018, fans presumably have until at least 2019 to say goodbye to ...

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Flight secrets revealed: Why cabin crew stand like THIS when you board a plane

From serving snacks to keeping passengers informed on the progress of the flight, the cabin crew are very busy throughout the flight. Their most important job, however, is ensuring the safety of all onboard. Crew are trained in many things from delivering babies onboard to restraining dangerous passengers. They also know what to do if a fire breaks out on ...

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