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Daily Archives: July 18, 2017

Spotify Faces Two New Lawsuits From Music Publishers

Spotify has been sued by two Nashville-based music publishers, Rob Gaudino and Bluewater Music. Both allege in separate lawsuits that the music streaming service failed to obtain the proper licenses to stream thousands of songs from both publisher’s catalogs. A Spotify spokesperson didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment Tuesday. Some of the compositions at the center of the ...

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CT Celebrated His Birthday In Challenge Style

CT has had to eat some pretty gross items through the Challenge years — but the two-time champ just devoured something truly delightful. With all of his fellow Season 30 cast members by his side. The reigning champion — who will return tonight for the Colombia-based installment at 9/8c — just turned 37 (on July 16). And there was no ...

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An active sex life improves brain power in older adults

Older adults who lead an active sex life are more likely to have increased cognitive function, according to a new Oxford University research collaboration. The study which was conducted in partnership with the University of Coventry, found that people over the age of fifty, who engaged in above average levels of sexual activity, scored higher in a series of tests ...

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Focus: How to Travel On a Budget

Travelling is a real passion for many people, but it is difficult because it requires money. Many of us work hard and save up for our travels, but it is easier to enjoy your time abroad when you can save money while you do it. Here are a few ways to get the maximum enjoyment whilst still keeping to a ...

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