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Daily Archives: July 12, 2017

TV Review: ‘Salvation’ on CBS

There’s a point in “Salvation,” CBS’ newest summer sci-fi offering, where one of the series’ two geniuses runs down all the obstacles that currently stand in the way of them saving all of humanity from the impending asteroid hurtling toward Earth. The series’ other genius reacts not with a calming response or… Variety

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'Lady Macbeth' Review: Sex, Lies and Corsets – and One Jaw-Dropping Performance

No need to brush up your Shakespeare to feel the thunderbolts coursing through Lady Macbeth. Florence Pugh, in a performance that will soon be legendary, is not playing the Scottish Queen who can’t wash the blood off her hands. It’s northern England where director William Oldroyd (in a sensational feature directing debut) has chosen to set his tale, adapted by ...

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